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What We Do

SavvyREI was created with the intention to help investors get access to the correct information and education required to purchase investment properties right here in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Area. We believe that there is plenty of opportunity out there, and surrounding yourself with the right individuals and accessing the right team is key to our success and yours. We are a team of successful Real Estate Investors, living with purpose and passion, and we want to Coach our clients and show them how to do the same.We believe that Real Estate is the most lucrative investment vehicle out there,and our investors are proof that these strategies have worked time and time again.

“Don’t wait to invest in Real Estate, Invest in Real Estate and Wait” – DonCampbell

Featured Podcast

“To me the definition of success is a natural progression of your thoughts; changing your mindset. If you are getting better every single day, that to me is success. If you are improving in your business, or in your physical health, in your relationships, that to me is success.” – Jose Jafferji

Jose was featured on The Everyday Millionaire podcast. Listen to the episode here!

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Since we first met Jose, he has been nothing but helpful in the process of helping us.  From educating us on strategy, to selecting neighbourhoods to acquiring the perfect investment property.  He coached us to effectively buy 3 properties in 10 months that produce more than $1000 in cash flow.  He has connections to awesome investment focused people that can help you with financing to design and construction.

Xiaodong Du & Beili Yang

Jose was recommended from a friend.  He is very professional, hard working, knowledgeable and patient.  He helped us acquire our first property and even guided us in detail on getting in rented.  He is an experienced investor that makes him a great addition to your team of professionals.

Yong Jun Dong