The BRRR Strategy (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance)

What is “BRRR” and why is it “supercharged”? Because as an investor, you’re combining the house flipping strategy and the buy & hold strategy for maximum benefit. BRRR stands for buy, renovate, rent and refinance. Another way you could look at it is, you’re flipping a house to yourself and holding it long term. The truth…


Kitchener real estate investment

Kitchener Real Estate Investment

Investors are smart to look at the Kitchener real estate investment market. The real estate market in Kitchener is witnessing first-hand how it’s developing into a world class city. I work with a lot of real estate investors who have heard from various real estate investment coaches, investment publications and seminars telling them Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and…


best places to invest in real estate

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate

There is a MoneySense “Where to Buy Now” report outlining the best places to invest in real estate in Ontario, that’s getting a lot of attention online. The last few days I’ve seen a bunch of people sharing this article across Facebook and LinkedIn. Whenever I scroll through my news feed, sure enough, it’s there! With real…


real estate investment oshawa

Real Estate Investment Oshawa

As Toronto real estate prices remain high, or at least too expensive in comparison to what the majority of people can afford, real estate investment Oshawa is growing in its appeal as an alternative for buyers. The Mayor of Oshawa had this to say about the city, “It’s one of the best places to live…


real estate investment cambridge

Real Estate Investment Cambridge

The hottest investment cities today are Hamilton, Kitchener and real estate investment Cambridge. Each year these 3 cities fight for the top spot in the province, to be crowned the best real estate investment city. For most people, any mention of Hamilton has probably already been on your radar. But chances are you’ve probably given less thought…


hamilton real estate investment

Hamilton Real Estate Investment

The Real Estate Investment Network of Canada (REIN) has declared that the #1 city to invest in is Hamilton real estate investment. The city remains the top location across the province for investment for the second consecutive year. Among the perks for investors is the city’s short drive to the U.S. border crossings, its busy…


real estate investment barrie

Real Estate Investment Barrie

If you’re a prospective real estate investor trying to find out where you want to invest next, you should consider real estate investment Barrie. The Real Estate Investment Network ranked Barrie as one of the top places to invest in the entire province of Ontario. Barrie is ranked third, just behind Cambridge/Kitchener and Hamilton. Why Real Estate…


real estate investing st catharines

Real Estate Investing St Catharines

If you’re looking to get into real estate investing St Catharines, the time is right now to get into the real estate market. Patrick Dummit, president of the Niagara Association of Realtors thinks St. Catharines is in a stretch of eight to ten years of continuous growth. Think about this… if you sold in October 2015, your…