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We hope that by sharing good, solid, fundamentally correct information with you, like these lists of real estate investment properties, that you may one day decide to work with our brokerage to buy, sell or invest in real estate. Simple as that. We believe in "giving first" as a way to show you we know our stuff!

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Our goal is to give you insights into owning property that you may have never had before. Although these types of properties are available across Canada, we are located in Ontario and focus our efforts there.

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After you submit your email address we'll begin to email you a weekly list of real estate investment properties in Ontario. You will also join the other 600+ subscribers receiving our free weekly email newsletter featuring real estate investing updates, articles & videos. What happens after that is completely up to you. If you'd like to request a case study of pervious investment deals we were able to close for our clients than you're welcome to do so. If you'd just like to get the list of properties and not do anything else, well of course, that's fine too.

Who's providing this offer?

It's me Jose Jafferji, award-winning real estate investor from Mississauga. I've aquired over 30+ rental units since 2007, and if you're like me, you're always on the hunt looking for the hottest investment property opportunities in the hottest towns across the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Areas.

That's why I started collecting databases and filtering my own search lists for real estate investment properties. Eventually, my friends, clients and work associates caught onto the custom investment property lists I was curating and they wanted it too! After a bunch of positive feedback I soon realized I needed to make my real estate investment property lists available to all investors.

My lists haven't just helped my portfolio of real estate investment properties but it's helped a lot of people I've been able to work with. Check out what they had to say below.

Yong Jun Dong

Jose was recommended from a friend.  He is very professional, hard working, knowledgeable and patient.  He helped us acquire our first property and even guided us in detail on getting in rented.  He is an experienced investor that makes him a great addition to your team of professionals.

Dylan D’Souza

Jose has spent a lot of time showing me target neighbourhoods, strategizing on single vs/ multi and helping me learn what to look for in properties and tenants. Ultimately, I secured a property in Hamilton with his help, learned a ton in the process and look forward to working with him on future deals.